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Heat Pump Efficiency Estimator
(see new Heat Flow sheet below)

The following calculator has been designed as an educational tool to demonstrate some of the main factors that affect the energy efficiency of a heat pump system. It is hoped to be more informative than perplexing, however, due to the many variables, it can take some time to understand it fully.

The simple version is available, and recommended first. (see below)

At present, the files are only available as a download in Excel format Pictures of the files have been pasted below.

Note, if the downloaded sheet does not fit your screen size, go: View, Zoom, and change the custom setting to suit.

Heat pump calculator. Click here to download.

(see below for simple version)

Simple Heat Pump calculator. Click here to download.


Try another educational tool;-. FLOW RATES, TEMPERAURE DIFFERENCES and HEAT FLOW
Try differnt conditions... experiment, and see what happenns

Click on the diagram to download the real version


Finally, try this powerpoint - How is a heat pump different to a boiler?


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