Coronavirus response

These are unprecedented times and it’s hard to believe it’s really happening. It is great to see the many people rallying around to help.
I am offering here to help (if I can) anyone struggling with a non-functioning heat pump. It may be difficult to get someone to attend, and furthermore some people may have lost their livelihood, meaning that any repair bills would be very unwelcome.
I have experience with many different heat pump units. I know some of the quirks of different models. Furthermore I have never liked the fit-new-parts mentality that many adopt. Sometimes a non-functioning heat pump can be fixed reasonably easily given a bit of time. That is not always the case however.
The most common easy-to-fix issues include – drop in fluid pressure due to a slow leak, diverter valves sometimes jam or fail. These are typical issues that may be easy-ish to sort out
I would like to STRESS that if anyone attempts to repair anything, then they should be EXTREMELY CAREFUL. now is not a good time to have to go to A&E !! The NHS have enough on their hands!. Do nothing unless you feel competent enough to do it safely.

I promise nothing, but lets see how this goes. If you ask questions below, I will attempt to answer them

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