Flow Rate and Pressure Drop

Lamina flow, flow rate is greater than shown. Flow Rate Velocity Metres head of water Pressurised inlet Open outlet Bore size
Pipe Diameter:
Pipe Material:

Liquid volume in pipe:
Flow Rate:
Pipe Length:
Pipe Volume:
Head of water:
Pipe Bore:

The calculation for flow rate assumes turbulent flow. This is true for all normal heating circuits.

A warning is given if Laminar flow is likely. If in Laminar, the flow will be greater than shown. Look up flow using an on-line calculator.

Accuracy of this simulator is around 1-2% for most scenarios, but rises to almost 5% in more uncommon scenarios.

Elbow fittings and filters etc cause restriction. Don't forget to allow for this in your assessments.

There is a 15% flow reduction assumed for glycol. This is approximate.

Note, the outlet is always zero in our simulator since the outlet is open.