This site contains useful basic information about heating-only applications with heat pumps. It covers environmental issues, and supports the appropriate use of this technology in high-efficiency eco-friendly applications.
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Copper v plastic
Standby power
Repairing a heat pump
How Efficient should a heat pump be?

Comment - Air source v Ground source

AECB article - Air source heat pumps- friend or foe


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Fine-tuning your setting for low energy use

Our Book

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'Heat Pumps for the Home'
£14.99 Crowood Press.
ISBN 978-1847972927
Author: John Cantor
Illustrator: Gavin Harper

Kindle version available on Amazon

The author is an independent engineer who is familiar with most heat pumps, with allegiance to none.The book is mostly aimed at the consumer, and lays out the options and issues starting from the basic first principles. It has a refreshingly straightforward approach, with enough technical detail to satisfy architects and installers too. It is completely jargon and hype-free, and tackles all types of system. It discusses different building types and their suitability for this technology in an un-biased and neutral way.
Discusses wider environmental issues too.
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What is a Heat Pump?

More and more homes in the UK are being heated by heat pumps. This little understood concept has been around for many years, but has only recently become of interest due to the current concerns over global warming and environmental issues

This technology is not appropriate for every situation, and there are pitfalls to avoid. It is mostly viable in remote areas where mains gas is not available. It is particularly suited to well insulated houses with underfloor heating, or background heating for older houses.

The Basics

Downloads for the technically-minded

try our (Excel file) heat pump efficiency estimator.

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How is a heat pump different to a boiler?

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