Photographs of heat pumps

Here are a few pictures


Ecoforest ground source heat pump installation. This unit has a variable inverter drive that varies the heat output from about 4kW to 12kW.     No buffer tank is usually needed.


Below;  Good old Swedish IVT Ground Souce Heat Pump with integral hot water cylinder



Below;  Ecodan air source heat pump. This unit produces hot water for the underfloor heating system.

This little 3kW Kensa (UK) Shoebox is being installed.  It is supplying nice slate floor heating with 100mm pipe spacing in an old cottage. It also provides all the hot water.        Its nice and simple.







Here is a straingt-pipe ground source trench.  4 pipes in one trench. The pipes are protected with sand before back-filling, unless the fill material is particularly suitable.



Coiled ‘slinky’ coil in a nice wet trench.





With this system, a very large area is excavated before pipes are laid in a similar manner to underfloor heating. The pipes are protected with sand, then the area is back-filled



This is a spring source trench where the spring water flows through a gravel bed





Underfloor heating designed specifically for use with heat pumps.  Awaiting liquid screed.



This shows upstairs that has both floor and wall heating.  This type of cappilliary wall mat can give very low heated water temperatures so gives excellent results




This excellent Ecoforest controller shows all that you might need to know for diagnosis. This is one of many screens that  shows the operating temperaures on the ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ side including the circulation pump speeds (percent)

Some archive pictures


This intersting Austrian ground source heat pump uses relatively benign refrigerant R290. The refrigerant runs directly in the ground pipes (DX). It is also variable (inverter) drive



This prototype 2kW GSHP unit uses R290 (propane) refrigerant and an efficienct rotary compressor.   Its a very simple system for a low-energy house.





Early beginnings, 1979, Comtec Festival Milton Keynes.  This is a cycle powered demo of an air-water heat pump.  It was not until 1980 that we learn that The CFC refrigerant R12 was harmful to the Ozone Layer.


65kW DX evaporator for hydro-powered system.  loads of copper!




Small spring source system from 1990
The copper DX evaporator is submerged in a plastic barrel where the spring water passes.  The compressor unit on the left is connected to a radiator circuit in the house.