Heat Pump Information

A general information site about heat pump technology

This site was launched around 1995, and was re-worked to this WordPress site in 2017.

Information here is generally my opinion and is given in good faith from my 40 years experience working with heat pumps. Since the topic is many-layered, and one thing affects another, please think things through carefully and get second opinions before you commit to anything.

I wrote a book on the subject in 2011 (illustrated by Gavin Harper). This attempts to give an easy to understand account of a technology that can seem counter-intuitive, but is actually not rocket science. 2011 was the year that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) started in the UK. Nothing has changed very greatly with the technology since then, but the RHI cash income has changed the goal post relating to what systems are cost effective.

By now, there should be adequate numbers of MCS (Microgeneration certification Scheme) installers with plenty of experience, and with the capability of providing a reliable installation service.

The information on this site should be useful to a multitude of people, and tries not to be too country-specific.

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