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This site is basically a download of my thoughts and experience gained from 43 years working with many different types heat pump.  I am not selling anything here and aim to be hype-free and explain things in a neutral manner – If I think something won’t work well, I will say so.

I try to outline the simple basics in a jargon-free understandable manner. So it should be ideal for beginners to the subject.

However, I do branch-off into the finer details of various aspects of different heat pump system, and hope there are enough facts and figures to use as reference for those of you actually designing and installing things.

The blog section has grown as and when I have felt creative, and when I have seen a need to fill some gaps in knowledge.   I also have a YouTube Channel

Since the topic is multi-layered, it’s hard to structure the site to suite everyone. I suggest that you try the SEARCH BOX (on the left) to try to find the section relevant for your needs.

There are also a number of BLOGS on different topics HERE
(index of blogs here)

Try these interesting NEW tools… heating simulator  and Pipe flow simulator and Calculators

In November 2020 the 2nd Edition of my book was released (not greatly different from the 1st).  The book has a lot more detail than this website, and was intended to clarify a topic clouded with mystery, but a topic that is far from rocket science.  It covers some simple school-level science and illustrates many types of real-life heat pumps.  I aim for an interesting read, but with enough detail to make it a useful reference book.      read more

Heat Pumps For The Home, Crowood Press. Illustrated Book

Heat Pumps for the Home by Crowood Press

E-book version  is available

Les Pompe à chaleur

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