Useful Links

Grants and funding for heat pumps.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) information (click on the links below for more info)

Energy Saving Trust information about RHI

Ofgem info March 2016 – Domestic RHI Tariff

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

UK Government scheme that offers financial incentives for heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pump Association

GSHPA.  Lots if detailed useful information here

The IEA Heat Pump Centre. (International)

UK Heat Pump Association

HPA   UK trade association

Natural Refrigerants          Hydrocarbons21   

There is an increased interest in Natural Refrigerants at present.  These 2 sites show various applications using Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide refrigerants.

UK Manufacturers, Kensa Heat Pumps have a lot of information on their website

Interesting sites for techie-science types

This nice one about refrigeration

This one for beginners  FantasticFridges

And ‘’ is a great one about water in pipes


Open Source energy monitoring. These systems produce graphs on the interner for temperature and power. Can be adapted for any type of input as required.  Ideal for diagnosis.
Heat Pump Monitor

The AECB. This is THE place for current Low energy thinking

Some very interesting and informative discussions on the AECB forum – used by experts in the know


GridWatch is really interesting. It can be addictive.

MyGrid is equally as interesting showing CO2 pollution figures

This Ecotricity page tells you the Live Carbon content of the UK grid. Now

Climate and Carbon information  CarbonBrief