Crook, Dodwell

Hidden here on my website is the Obituary of my Great Great Grandma.  This gravestone is fairly prominent at the front of the Long Crendon Baptist Church.  Wouldn’t it be nice is every gravestone could tell its story.

Note, most of the newspaper text below has been transcribed (see bottom of  page)  It’s easier to read.     Also note, many newspaper articles seem to have small errors on them.

Below is transcribed from newspaper clipping above.
Death of Mrs H (Hannah) Dodwell  Bucks Herald Saturday 08 March 1902

Death of Mrs. H. Dodwell

We regret to have to record the death of Mrs. H. Dodwell who passed away after a relatively short illness on Tuesday. Feb 25th at the advanced age of 85 years. Mrs. Dodwell was born at Long Crendon, and belonged to an old and highly respected family. She married her first cousin Mr. Solomon Dodwell of the same place, and, with her husband, came to Waddesdon in the year 1840, commencing business as grocers, etc. at a time when the village was very different to what it has become under the influence of thy late Baron and Miss Alice de Rothschild. The Post Office, which had been previously held at the Marlborough Arms, was transferred to their shop is 1865. After the death of Mr. Dodwell in 1873, Mrs Dodwell was appointed postmistress and held the office with great credit and to the entire satisfaction of the postal authorities until she retired in 1897, when her son, Mr. P. G. Dodwell was appointed in her place.
After the death of her husband, with the help of her son she still carried on the business successfully, and only gave up her active interest in it when it was removed in 1894, to the present more commodious premises.  Mrs. Dodwell was well-known as being thoroughly straightforward, honourable and conscientious in all our transactions. She was highly respected for her upright, consistent, Christian life. She was brought up as a Baptist and attended the Baptist Chapel here [Waddesdon] for many years, until its removal owing to the improvements carried out by the late Baron.  She then frequently attended the Wesleyan Chapel.  The deceased took a great interest in the welfare and prosperity of the place, and was proud of the great changes and improvements effected in it during her life. She was held in the highest esteem by the late Baron and Miss Rothschild, both of whom often visited her. She was one of the first to write a letter of sympathy to Miss Rothschild upon the death of her brother. On the occasion of the visit of the Queen [Alexandra of Denmark]  (then Princess of Wales) to Waddesdon Manor nearly 2 years ago. Miss Rothschild drove the Princess into the village, and on passing the Post Office, noticed Mrs. Dodwell and at once drew up the carriage and introduced the Princess, who very affably shook hands and complimented her on her beautiful home.
Mrs Dodwell was president of the Reading Society for more than fifty years, and was the means of introducing into many homes pure and instructive literature. She was deeply read, conversant with many different subjects, very intellectual, and highly cultured. Up to the last her mind and intellect were as vigorous as ever. She was the most devoted mother, and will be greatly missed by her sorrowing children and numerous friends.  Many messages of sympathy and condolences have been received, including a letter from Miss Rothschild, who expressed much sympathy with Mr. Dodwell, his sisters and brothers, in their bereavement.

The Funeral

Amid signs of deep regret, the funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the mortal remains of the deceased being laid to rest in the burial ground of the Baptist Church at Long Crendon, where she formerly worshipped. The Coffin was taken from Waddesdon in a glass-panelled car, followed by four mourning coaches containing the chief mourners – Mrs J.I.Crook [Lucy ] Mrs R, Ruff (daughters).  Mr P.G. Dodwell, Mr. Christopher Dodwell,  Mr. H. B. Dodwell, Mr Arthur Dodwell (sons)

***[see newspaper scan for this section…. list of attendees etc*****

As the coffin was taken into the Chapel [At Long Crendon] the “Dead March” in Saul was played. Miss Kate Dodwell presiding at the organ. The Rev J. L. Cooper and the  Rev, Jazez Dodwell (nephew) conducted the burial service, a short but impressive address being given by Mr. Dodwell. The Hymn “It is not death to die” was sung, as the possession came out of the Chapel, “O rest in the Lord” was played on the Organ. There was a large congregation present. The deceased was buried by the side of her husband who dies 29 years ago. The coffin was of polished oak with massive brass fittings, and bore the inscriptions “Hannah Dodwell died February 25, aged 85 years.”

Mrs Josiah Inkerman Crook is Hannah’s
daughter Lucy Crook (nee Dodwell)

Mrs R Uff is Kate Rosa Dodwell (b.1861) who married
Richard Uff (b.1891) (1891 census)
Mr PG Dodwell is Phillip George. He is not on 1851 census
Christopher Dodwell b.1847 (now 55)
Mr H B Dodwell not on 1851 census (William Harry is ???)