Old swimming pool photo gallery

Heat Pump installations at 3 Community swimming pools close to Penrith Cumbria
Photographs taken during 1982 & 1983

Lazonby swimming pool on a nice warm summers day.
JCB about to cross the river Eden Slowly does it. Making the hole for the ring where the water pump will go.
Positioning concrete ring Digging trench up to the plant room Flygt submersible pump that pumps out the river water.
Ian Rogers starts to make the former for the fiberglass dome. You have to work fast with plaster of paris, or it will set! …..the perfect sphere
making the mould for the fiberglass shell. Copper heatexchanger beneath the cardboard former. Sphere attached and covered with foil to act as release agent. On with the smelly fiberglass
Evaporator finished and ready to go Arrival at the pool
Very nice Sporlan expansion valve in action. Inferior valve shown to the left. You can just see the water returning to the river. It returns about 3°C colder than the river temperature. Cleaning of the evaporator after a seasons use.
Yvonne Simpson turning a wooden pattern for the heat exchanger ends. Ian meting bronze with a paraffin burner and old beer barrel. Ian pouring the bronze into the mould
Machining the rough cast heat-exchanger end plate. The plant room at Lazonby showing the hermetically sealed compressor (grey), and new casting soldered to 3″ copper pipes (red) attached to the shell & tube condenser is below. Plant room at Greystoke. Almost identical, but made to fit the room. Both systems provide about 24kW of heat.
Air source evaporator at Greystoke. The finned coil lays flat and is about 6 feet long. Control panel showing user controls and indicators Askham Pool… work in progress. This one has two smaller compressors giving about 30kW of heat
System finished and running nicely Evaporators vertical with this design. Showing one cowling for the fan about to be fitted Tom and Richard, willing helpers fitting the fans at Askham. Thanks lads!


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